Sport betting in lay terms

However, gambling is not a profession you have to know its basics to succeed. Let’s figure out all the necessary things to remember.

How to choose a sport for betting

Soccer, boxing, tennis, hockey, biathlon, racing or basketball? Which sport is more appropriate for betting? Team or individual? Nobody knows the clear answer to this question. Each of them has its favorites and underdogs, sensations and upsets. The main rule is that it’s impossible to win forever.

What is the best sports event to bet on?

It’s difficult to say. As a rule, beginners have more chances to win on the most popular events, it doesn’t matter which discipline it is. But also you should pay attention to special festivals, such as Eric Favre Sport & Sante Festival, where first-timers can practice analytical thinking skills, get to see firstland different competitions and even take part in.

Where may bets be placed?

Gambling on sports is a real industry. Thus every bookmaker is interested in new customers. However, the gamester shouldn’t be in a hurry to make the choice. It’s necessary to analyze offers and choose the agency with the best basic criteria.

Bookmakers differ in such aspects as:

  • value of the odds;
  • line of sports, tournaments and events;
  • choice of bets;
  • methods of payment and withdrawal;
  • legality and availability;
  • website usability;
  • bonuses;
  • customer support;
  • etc.

What are the main types of bets?

There are three types of stakes:

  1. single;
    The easiest type, as it doesn’t require much effort. Perhaps every new fresher’s stake in a bookmaker’s office is the single. Here the aim is to choose a certain result. If the answer is correct, the odds are multiplied by the bet sum, and the resulting number is credited to the bettor’s account in cash.
  2. express; This is also a fairly simple stake that involves a combination of single stakes. That is, if a gamester has decided to gamble on several unrelated events at once, it is possible to combine them in a “parlay” and instead of several separate offers to make one.
    What is the advantage of a parlay? When bets are put together in a so-called parlay, their odds are multiplied with each other. In the end, the winnings in the case of a successful combination are much greater than if it had been placed one by one.
    Parlays are usually suitable for sports which are regular round-robin events and take place over a couple of days.
  3. system.
    It is probably the most difficult gambling method and requires a lot of experience and practice. A system is simply a series of odds of mixed single and express stakes.

All other types are combinations.

Is betting on sports worth trying?

For sure, yes, it is. But everyone has to make his or her own decision. As in all things patience, knowledge and practice are needed.